Benedictine Sisters of Vuura

  • Sustainability

    Building a bright future
    for the children in the community through education.

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  • Volunteering

    We take part
    in caring for children.

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  • Water harvesting

    Provide clean and safe
    water for the community.

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Who We Are

In 1993 three Sisters began missionary work in Moyo, North Eastern part of Uganda.
St. Benedict's Center with a clinic and kindergarten was opened in 1996, and recently built an elementary school. The semi- fertile land and moderate climatic conditions allow the sisters to maintain fruits and vegetable gardens, as well as some cattle. On july 11, 2009 the Sisters could finally dedicate their new Convent.

The Congregation was entrusted with the northern part of Tororo Diocese. During the 1990s, The Nebedictine Sisters of Vura dedicated themselves to establishing and building up the local Church in Northern Uganda through pastoral work and education.

Special attention was given both to health, educational and social development. This included the construction of basic infrastructure, including churches, schools, and clinics for the improvement of the Catholic Church.

Today, our strength is visible in kost parts of Tororo Archdiocese especially in the suffragan Diocese of Jinja were we administer a number of parishes where we have three primary schools.
Benedcitine Sisters of Vura also administers two secondary schools that cater to students who could not otherwise afford an education. These schools have been instrumental in changing the academic life of our students plus improved academic excellence.